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Gmarket Haul #12

I may be away from the blogsphere but that doesn’t mean I have stopped hauling from my all time favourite online shopping platform!


 photo Cover.jpg

A record-breaking haul! Parcel took only 4 days to reach me!

PS. Honestly, it’s not the 12th haul from Gmarket as I had hauled from Gmarket countless times after my last blog but for easier blog post management, I shall just name it as 12th haul (just trying to make myself feel better ^^””)

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Gmarket Haul #11

Gmarket Shopping is a MONTHLY affair! LOL

This haul in done in June ^^

Gmarket Haul #11

Sharing some of my good buys over at Gmarket Global ^^

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Gmarket Haul #10

A small haul done in May 🙂

Gmarket 10

Perhaps a hint of what skincare/cosmetic reviews you can expect? Hahahaha

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Gmarket Haul #9

keke this is a very overdue post cos this haul was done in April! =p
Another Gmarket haul to tempt you guys to go gmarket to shop! hehe

Gmarket Haul #9

This is going to be short and simple post 🙂 If they’re anything that interests in, let me know and I’ll post the seller links ^^

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Gmarket Global Haul #7

I know I’m not supposed to buy any more skincare until my existing “stocks” finish. But hey, I did this haul before I wrote that article LOL


G-Market Global Haul #7

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G-Market Global Haul #6

I’ve been busy with my other commitments and thus, the lack of posts. ^^”

Will be back in action very soon to intorduce more goodies I’ve found 🙂

Meanwhile, check out my G-Market Global Haul #6 ^^

G-Market Global Haul #6

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Gmarket Global Haul #1

This is my very first haul from Gmarket Global in May! XD (ya I know that’s  a loooong time ago but better late than never? Besides, this is only my first post!! Hahaha)

Before I reveal my mini haul, let me introduce this great online website first, for the benefit of readers who have no clue to what G-Market Global is all about 😀

GMarket Global

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