Gmarket Global Haul #1

This is my very first haul from Gmarket Global in May! XD (ya I know that’s  a loooong time ago but better late than never? Besides, this is only my first post!! Hahaha)

Before I reveal my mini haul, let me introduce this great online website first, for the benefit of readers who have no clue to what G-Market Global is all about 😀

GMarket Global

What’s G-Market Global?

The Website:

G-Market Global is something like eBay. It provides sellers a platform to sell their goods and at the same time earn commission for any successful transactions.

It’s based in Korea and I believe the sellers are based in Korea as well. Some sellers do allow their goods to ship internationally. Thus, it’s G-Market Global! They ship to alot of countries such as Singapore (where I live), Indonesia, Japan, China and even Russia!

Though they have adapted the G-Market Korea into English (that gives the G-Market Global) with most of the navigation commands in English but the sellers names are usually in Korean and the product description are in Korean as well :/

Anyway, for those who are addicted to Korean stuff, it’s a great online website to source for stuff from K-Pop to Korean Fashion to Korean Skincare..

Totally COOOOOOL 😀

How does G-Market Global work?

Step 1: Find the items you want and add items to cart

This is a really complicated process and I’ll explain more in another post in the future. I personally feel that it’s not so user-friendly since alot of information are in Korean which I can’t read & don’t understand. HAIX. (-1 point)

Step 2: Check out!

In the past, I think they do not accept foreign credit cards such as our DBS CC etc. But now, they accept foreign credit cards! And even DEBIT CARDS 😀 (Haha… So if you do not have a credit card, you still have a chance to shop from this heavenly place. ㅋㅋㅋ)

Step 3: WAIT.

The individual sellers will send the items to G-Market Global warehouse/processing facility where G-Market Global will pack the items and send it for delivery either via EMS or DPD (cheaper option) to Singapore. The wait could be around 3/4 days (if you are lucky enough) to 2 weeks (which was the case for me ><“). So be patient!

My Haul

Nothing much. Really! I just wanted to try ordering from G-Market Global by myself and thus, this mini haul. It was about the size of a A3 paper.

GMarket #1

How long it took?

I ordered on 4th May 2010 and the parcel (via DPD delivery) reached me in Singapore on 15th May 2010. I ordered only from 2 sellers: Etude House (skincare) and 구제마마 (for a plain t-shirt). However, the latter did not deliver my plain tee and G-Market cancelled the order after 6/7days. Haix. All because of that seller, I had to wait for almost two weeks! ><”

The Items & GWP

Anyway, on top of the efficiency of Etude House to deliver my items so promptly to the G-Market warehouse, they were really generous with the bubblewrap. XD

GMarket #1 The Loots

And… *drumroll* My Haul!! 😀

My haul from Etude House from left to right: Hello Kitty Hand Cream (Citrus), Black Head Off Heating Scrub & Moistfull Special Set

But I was still quite happy with the purchase cos of the Gift-with-Purchase (GWP): Lee Min Ho keychain (errr), Total Age Repair Moisturiser sample and AC Clinic Skin Care Kit! ㅋㅋㅋ

GMarket #1 GWP

I will be post the reviews for the skincare (will only review after using the product for at least a week consistently) with the exception of Hello Kitty Hand Cream (as it is meant as a gift for a friend) soon~!



Though it was not a smooth transaction, but I was quite happy satisfied with the help from G-Market Global FB. I dropped them a message with regards to the delayed delivery from 구제마마. The next day, they helped me to find out the status, updated me and took actions to tackle the problem. 😀 Thumbs up for their efficiency 🙂

As for the DPD delivery which was cheaper than EMS, it was quite efficient as well. Though I was quite shocked that it came as just a “plastic bag” instead of a box which I was expecting, I reckoned that the generous bubblewrap from Etude House helped to protect the items. However, if you look closely, my AC Clinic Set box was slightly damaged. Luckily, the contents were not affected.

I would give 8/10 for this G-Market Global! 2 points deducted due to the not so user-friendly items searching and the delayed delivery from one particular seller.

Stay tuned for my other posts on the reviews of the skincare I’ve bought 😀


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  1. #1 by farang_shopper on November 4, 2010 - 17:00

    I do not understand how a non-korean can shop on this site. Other than the Navigational User Interface in English, the rest are all in Korean. If one wants to purchase a T-shirt, how would he be able to choose size and colour as they are described in Korean !

    This site is certain for shoppers who understand Korean.

    • #2 by Raquel Rin on November 5, 2010 - 16:32

      Hi farang_shopper,

      I beg to differ on the part that Gmarket Global is for shoppers who understand Korean 🙂

      I do not understand Korean nor able to read Korean but I’m still able to buy stuff off Gmarket Global 🙂

      All it takes is some patience! For tshirts like you mention, most sellers do indicate the name/colours/options in English and Korean (do click the pictures of the items to find the info). All you have to do is to look out for the Korean words in the drop down menu to select the item 🙂

      Also, online translator such as Google Translate is a great help too! ^^

      But I do agree with you that alot of information are in korean. Many international shoppers have reflected this to Gmarket and hopefully, Gmarket could come up with something to solve this problem ^^


  2. #3 by farang_shopper on November 9, 2010 - 14:07


    Online translation tools do help. However, it is a great pain to shop by guessing. If one is lucky, he will get exactly what he wants.

    Congrats to you for having managed to grab the goods you wanted in the dark.


  3. #4 by Janicia on November 11, 2010 - 00:19


    Came across your blog on the gmarket haul. Can i ask a few question as i would like to order some items from gmarket korea? i have done some ordering in gmarket sg but it’s different from korea and the items at gmarket korea is so much more variety and pretty.

    I have came across people asking GM in facebook to adjust the weight. can i ask if i were to ask the GM to adjust the weight for the product i want to purchase, i should ask them before i add the items to cart or after i added them? As for the delivery fee, it’s 1 time charges to all the items from the same seller or multiple charges depends on the no. of items you ordered? e.g if i order 2 items from the same seller and it has a delivery fee of W2,500 so it’s W2,500 X 2?

    Hope that you can help me with these question so that i can go and order the items i want happily..tks alot

    • #5 by Raquel Rin on November 11, 2010 - 02:21

      Hi Janicia,

      Welcome to the G-Market Global shopping craze! keke

      I’ve not tried adding items to the cart before G-market adjusts the weights but one of my frens did feedback to me that if you add items into the cart, when the item is OOS, it’s not reflected in your cart ie. the item is still there. Thus, I reckon they don’t update the info automatically. So, to play safe, re-add the items are the weights are adjusted 🙂

      As for the domestic delivery fees, it’s dependent on the conditions:

      1. “Items from the seller ABC: ₩2,500 with purchase of less than ₩XXXX” => If your TOTAL purchase from this seller (same listing/different listing) is less than ₩XXXX, you will be charged ₩2,500 as delivery fee for the ALL items you buy from this seller.

      2. “Items from the seller DEF: Delivery fee: ₩2,500 with purchase of less than ₩0” => You will be charged ₩2,500 as delivery fee for ALL the items (same listing/different listings) you buy from this seller.

      IMPT NOTE: If you order from different listings, make sure it has the SAME conditions stated cos some sellers have different conditions for different types of items.

      If in doubt, you can add the items to cart and they’ll auto calculate the domestic delivery fee chargeable 😀
      Check under “(B) Total domestic delivery fees” on the shopping cart page. If you click the “Deliver” button on the left of that, it will show you the breakdown of the calculations 😀

      Hope that helps ^^ Enjoy G-Market shopping~


  4. #6 by Jen on December 5, 2010 - 03:01


    Did you use debit card to pay for it? For a debit card payment, I’ll need to select the option to pay by foreign credit card right? Is it safe and cheaper than paypal, cos when i googled, most of the people use paypal. hehee, since I’ve not made any online purchase using paypal or debit card before, I just wan to be sure of the procedure. ^^

    Is the exchange rate cheaper by using debit card as compared to paypal? hmm.. for the excess shipping fee, will they credit back to my Gaccount, or will they put into my debit card bank account or paypal?

    Thanks for the reply in advance 🙂

    • #7 by Raquel Rin on December 5, 2010 - 03:11

      Hi Jen,

      I paid via debit card (StanChart’s).Yes, you’ll need to select the option to pay via foreign credit card.

      I’ve not paid via paypal before so I couldn’t help you on that.

      The excess shipping fee you’ve paid will be credited to your G account. Only refunds due to OOS items will be credited back to your bank account if you have paid via debit card. As for paypal, I’m not sure about that…

  5. #8 by Sue on May 15, 2011 - 23:14


    it’s really complicated to choose bag i wanted to buy, the picture keep on flashing plus i don’t read / understand Korean. How do i know my order is correct? Thanks

    • #9 by Raquel Rin on May 17, 2011 - 23:14

      Usually you can click on the picture and a new window will pop up. In that new window, i doubt the pictures will still be flashing…

      As for the name, it’s usually easy to identify ie. in the top of the picture / larger fonts…

      Well, if you can find the name you’ve identified as the item name in the drop-down menu, chances are you’ve found the correct item.

      Sadly, the Gmarket system doesn’t allow you to see the picture of the item you want to buy in the shopping cart page when there’re many items in just one listing… So you’ll have to double-check when you add the items to the cart…

  6. #10 by andre on June 29, 2011 - 08:41

    Hello, how did you get to understand their sizes? it’s not written in english 😦

    • #11 by Raquel Rin on July 2, 2011 - 23:36

      hello andre 🙂

      initially it’s kinda difficult as i’ve to type and get the wordings translated :/

      But over the time, I collated some of the words that the sellers frequently use (taken from my livejournal):

      Size – 사이즈
      Length – 총길이
      Chest – 가슴 / 가슴둘레
      Shoulder – 어깨
      Bottom Hem – 밑단
      Sleeve length – 팔길이 / 소매길이
      Waist – 허리
      Waist circumference – 허리둘레
      Hips – 힙둘레/엉덩이
      Rise – 밑위
      Thigh – 허벅지길이
      Thigh circumference – 허벅지둘레
      Hem circumference – 밑단 둘레

      Good luck 🙂

  7. #12 by curious on August 5, 2013 - 03:00


    I am REALLY new to the whole gmarket thing. And I have a question. Can we only purchase things from sellers who offer worldwide shipping? Or can we order things that only do domestic shipping since everything is collected at the gmarket warehouse in korea?


    • #13 by Raquel Rin on August 24, 2013 - 21:51

      Hi curious,

      Apologies for the late reply. Just got back to blogging =p

      You can only order from sellers that offer worldwide shipping or items that has worldwide shipping available. If I am not wrong, items available for only domestic shipping will be sent directly to the buyers via mail… So that’s why we can buy.

      Do note that there are sellers that don’t ship to Singapore. A good example is the official Etude House seller. You’ll notice that the items are can only be shipped to “some countries only”.

      Have fun hauling at Gmarket Global! ^^


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