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  1. #1 by Leslie on November 3, 2010 - 14:12

    Hi Raquel. I am from Singapore and I ordered from Gmarket but I shipped it by DPD instead of EMS by accident. I ordered it on 29/09/2010 and I do not know how to track it as it does not come with a tracking number. I tried calling Singapore Customs, but they required the tracking number, postal code and such don’t work. Can you help me? What am I suppose to do?

    • #2 by Raquel Rin on November 3, 2010 - 22:39

      Hi Leslie,

      It could be that your items have NOT reached Gmarket warehouse since you only order it last friday, four working days ago.

      If you’re sure that Gmarket Global has shipped out your overseas order, you may wish to check this post out:

      Hope this helps!

      PS. My hotmail has gone crazy so I can’t reply to your email.


  2. #3 by Michelle on May 1, 2011 - 22:18

    Hi there! 🙂

    I just came across your blog and I think it is lovely and informatively interesting (if such a word exist lol). Anyhow, I want to ask you whether you can order from gmarket for me? Since I saw your Gmarket hall review. And since you have ordered a few times from there would it be ok if you can help order on my behalf (i can reimbursed you with service fee :). Hope to hear from you soon. Please email me reply : (dont worry this is a temporary email not my personal one.)

    • #4 by Raquel Rin on May 8, 2011 - 18:54

      Hello there~ Sorry for the late reply! I’ll mail you separately!

  3. #5 by Jasmine on May 23, 2011 - 00:33

    Hi! i was wondering whether you take orders from G-Market? like sprees or something?

  4. #7 by wilianatan on August 22, 2011 - 15:40

    Hi Ms . Raquel Rin 🙂

    I’m from Indonesia 🙂
    Please kindly check your email raquel.rin(at)hotmail(dot)com
    I emailed you several questions about gmarket korea >.<

    waiting for your reply…

    thank you ^_^

    • #8 by Raquel Rin on August 22, 2011 - 18:33

      Hi Wiliana,

      I’ve replied to your email 🙂


  5. #9 by Renata on October 21, 2011 - 16:55

    Hi Raquel,
    I’m from Czech Republic:) May i ask you for help? Yesterday i’ve decided to order some cosmetics on G-market, but befor it i’ve wanted to know how much I’ll pay “shipping money”?:) Do you know, do they send items to CZ?

    • #10 by Raquel Rin on October 21, 2011 - 23:44

      Hi Renata,

      Yup, Gmarket ships to Czech Republic.

      To find out the overseas shipping fees:

      1. Add all of the items you wish to purchase to shopping cart
      2. Go to your “Shopping Cart” (look for the link at the top right of the page)
      3. Scroll down and look for a section called “International shipping cost”
      4. In “International shipping cost”, you’ll see a scroll-down bar for “Select Country”. Select your Czech Republic.
      5. “Select Delivery Company”: Choose EMS (that’s the only option)
      6. Look to the right and you’ll see the “Estimated overseas shipping fee”

      That’s the


      shipping fees. Once all of your items reach Gmarket, they’ll re-weigh your parcel and quote you the actual shipping fees. Usually the estimated shipping fees is higher than the actual shipping fees.

      Hope that helps!

  6. #11 by Joel on December 26, 2011 - 02:22

    Hi Raquel< I need to know where I can get this shampoo in vancouver BC canada< I try it in mexico and I would love to have more of this shampoo,thanks for any info

    • #12 by Raquel Rin on December 27, 2011 - 01:33

      Hi Joel,

      May I know which shampoo you’re referring to?

      CLEAR Shampoo: To my knowledge, the only place I know that carries this shampoo range is in Singapore (where I live). Perhaps you can check with the Unilever branch in Canada or elsewhere for more information.

      Ryeo shampoo: This is a korean brand shampoo I bought at Gmarket Global. I’m not sure if it’s sold in Canada. You might want to check with the Amore Pacific bracnh in Canada (i’m pretty sure there’s one branch there)


  7. #13 by gmartfan on March 18, 2012 - 23:00

    Hi Raquel,
    I have been shopping at Gmarket Singapore and was wondering what was the difference between the local site and our Singapore version. Which is more worth it to purchase from? Being the typical kiasu singaporean here XD.

    • #14 by Raquel Rin on August 24, 2013 - 22:22

      Hi Gmarfan,

      I guess the major difference is there are items available on Gmarket Global and not in Qoo10 (used to be the Gmarket Singapore) and vice versa.

      Well, do factor into things like currency conversion and shipping if you decide to buy on either side to get the best deals 😉

  8. #15 by Kellie on October 27, 2012 - 17:30

    Hi Raquel,
    I’m trying to shop from GMarket, and I read that you can combine shipping. So my questions on it are:
    1) What is the lag time in between orders for you to combine all orders? Eg. Ordered items 2-3 days apart, and can still combine orders
    2) I understand that EMS has a fixed shipping charge for weights, eg 1kg, 1.5kg, so how do u estimate the weight so that u can “maximise” weight allowance ie. 1.49kg and not 1.51kg.
    3) Any items from Gmarket that is not allowed to be sent? eg nail polish etc.


    • #16 by Raquel Rin on August 24, 2013 - 22:06

      Hi Kellie,

      Apologies for the late reply.. Just got back to blogging ^^”

      I guess this reply is kinda late but I hope others can benefit from it 🙂

      1) As long there are items from your first order which have not arrive, you can combine your second order with the first order.

      2) Unfortunately, I do not know how. 😦 Cos this is online shopping afterall.. You won’t be able to weigh the stuff before you buy and unlikely Gmarket will help you to do that..

      3) As long as they allow international shipping, it would be fine. Nail polish is fine 🙂


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