Gmarket Haul #12

I may be away from the blogsphere but that doesn’t mean I have stopped hauling from my all time favourite online shopping platform!


 photo Cover.jpg

A record-breaking haul! Parcel took only 4 days to reach me!

PS. Honestly, it’s not the 12th haul from Gmarket as I had hauled from Gmarket countless times after my last blog but for easier blog post management, I shall just name it as 12th haul (just trying to make myself feel better ^^””)

The Shopping Experience

This haul was done in June this year ^^

It was a record-breaking haul – I ordered on 3rd June (wee hours lol) and parcel reached my door step at 6th June. All within 4 days from ordering to arriving at my doorstep!

It was a small haul.. Just 7 items.. But there are 5 different sellers so it’s considered pretty fast! I was blown away! XD

What did I buy?

1. Elizabeth Pore’s Care Strips

 photo GmarketHaul131.jpg

Despite it being a brand from Japan, this product is made in Korea (local production I guess). I quite like this brand’s pore strips not only cause it’s pretty effective but also it doesn’t have this nasty plasticky smell I experienced from other Korean brands. Plus, it’s cheap too!


(PS. Pardon the photo quality. Taken with the lousy phone camera as my DSLR was out of batteries then =_= and I am just simply to eager to open up my present!)

2. The Saem Gem Miracle O2 Bubble Mask Gift Set and Perfect Cover Tip Concealer

 photo GmarketHaul132.jpg

The Saem was having sales and there was a beautiful free gift set for purchases over 20,000won (if I remember correctly). How not to be tempted especially GD is one of the brand ambassadors!

I got the raved Gem Miracle O2 Bubble Mask Gift Set as I really love this bubble mask! It gives a really nice glow the day after I used it ^^ Plus, the gift set comes with a nice 50ml travel size tube ❤ Unfortunately, they no longer have this gift set now..

The free gift is Urban ECO Harakeke Gift set which comprises of sample sizes of Harakeke Toner, Harakeke Emulsion and Harakeke Cream. This range from The Saem which boasts using a plant called Harakeke from New Zealand and the above-mentioned products contained Manuka Honey and Calendula! It’s pretty amazing! Plus the pretty packaging!

Bubble Link:

Concealer link:

3. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

 photo GmarketHaul135.jpg

This is a newer version of the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask I raved about years ago! XD

This version will give a cooling sensation and has same beads to help with exfoliation. The review will come soon.. I hope? Haha


4. Clio Devil Wannabe Kit

 photo GmarketHaul136.jpg

Okok, I admit it. I am a BIGBANG and 2NE1 fan! VIP & BLACKJACK!

I bought this not just because Dara is their spokesperson now but I am honestly liking Clio’s eyeliner series. Tried them at Watsons and the staying power on the back of my hand is really good (cos it would be different case when on your eyelids.. especially if you have oily eyelids and tears like me T_T) Besides, the colours are gorgeous!

This is a good kit if you would like to try out the colours of their new eyeliners. 🙂


5. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and Missha Time Revolution Best Seller Trial Set

 photo GmarketHaul137.jpg

This is the most generous seller in this haul. The free gifts were two skincare samples, one Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule and a nice blue makeup bag (in a dust bag on top of that!). Pretty awesome for just a purchase of BB cream and two trial sets!

BB Cream Link:

Trial set Link:


Ok, this haul is more of a skincare and makeup haul 🙂

The speed and efficiency of these five sellers are superb! And so is Gmarket sending it out so quickly after the items reach (otherwise my itchy fingers will order more while waiting =_=)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ^^

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