Gmarket Haul #11

Gmarket Shopping is a MONTHLY affair! LOL

This haul in done in June ^^

Gmarket Haul #11

Sharing some of my good buys over at Gmarket Global ^^

The Shopping Experience

Gmarket Haul #11

On the overall, it’s another pleasant shopping experience from Gmarket πŸ™‚ The items were shipped pretty quickly to the Gmarket warehouse and I got my parcel in about in about 12 days from time of ordering! πŸ™‚

What did I buy?

A “mountain” of stuff! πŸ˜‰ So much stuff that the parcel weighed 7.25kg LOL But most of the stuff are not mine LOL

Gmarket Haul #11

1. HUGDINO Blue T-shirt

HUGDINO seems to be a Korean street wear brand? I’m not very sure but one thing I’m certain about is that their tees are made of really sturdy and comfy material πŸ™‚ And on top of that, the printing is really good!

The tee came in a neat packaging like this:

Gmarket Haul #11

The tag says it’s made in KOREA!

Gmarket Haul #11

For the price of 8800wons (they had a discount event back then), it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for some quality t-shirts at Gmarket!

Gmarket Haul #11

Option: (A) Bh 2054-S

2. Black oversized top with gold zip detail

It’s a sheer oversized top… Suitable for the hot and humid weather in Singapore! I’ll just wear a tank top inside and pull this top over!

Gmarket Haul #11

It’s not obvious from the picture above but I bought it because I like the gold zip detail at the back! It’s a real zip! πŸ™‚

Gmarket Haul #11

Moreover, it’s pretty cheap at 6900wons ^^

Option: μ§€νΌκ°€μ˜€λ¦¬-λΈ”λž™

3. Leggings, Hand warmers & socks

This picture of a mess of black things is not very attractive I know… But I bought all these for around 8000wons!

Gmarket Haul #11

Haha you might be surprised that I bought hand warmers since Singapore perpetually hot all year round… I bought these cos they’re cheap after seller discount (around 1000 wons!!) and I wanna do a jap rock outfit for an event in June.. So I had to grab these!

I don’t think it’ll be helpful in the cold winter since they’re pretty sheer but for slightly chiller weather, it’ll come in useful.

Gmarket Haul #11

I think I must have chosen the wrong option cos I wasn’t expecting this pair of shiny leggings T_T But still, the quality is pretty good…

Gmarket Haul #11


Gmarket Haul #11

Link: OOS already =/

4. Black Skinny Jeans

I needed a new pair of black skinny jeans cos my old pair is kinda fading (becoming gray lol)! And it’s cheap! 13k wons only! The material is good as well πŸ™‚

Gmarket Haul #11

The reason I chose this design is cos of the black studs πŸ™‚

Gmarket Haul #11

Option: P-1115

5. Studs Bracelet

Randomly saw this bracelet when I was browsing and I knew I must get it! ^^

Oh, it’s made of synthetic leather… And good for the price of around 13k won! Seller included free bands (at the left side 0f the picture) for this purchase…

Gmarket Haul #11

Couldn’t wait to wear it when I opened the package! LOL

Gmarket Haul #11

Option: LB31-1

6. Peripera Lipstick

My first time getting something from CLIO and I wasn’t disappointed!

Gmarket Haul #11

I got a lippy from the My Color Lips series.. And it came with a FREE LIPGLOSS! AWESOME!

Gmarket Haul #11

Gmarket Haul #11

For someone who doesn’t really like pink, I still think the design and colour combination is pretty! The cravings on the cover is exquisite!

Gmarket Haul #11

Option: 020

7. Dr. Young Pore Eraser Balm

I bought the jar of primer and it came free several samples (skin care and BB cream from the Dr. Young brand)! Recommended!

Gmarket Haul #11


PS. I’ve already tried the primer and it does its job of covering pores smoothly! πŸ™‚ Me likey~


Hope you guys enjoy reading this post and please look forward to my next Gmarket haul post LOL

  1. #1 by Y on October 20, 2011 - 00:34

    Hi, have been wanting to ask you this, how does ‘toner’ in korean looks like?
    I wanna get some hera/su:m 37 toners, but the one i translated and the ones i saw differ.
    Help? πŸ˜€

    • #2 by Raquel Rin on October 21, 2011 - 23:26

      Hi Y,

      Sorry, I don’t really get you. Did you mean how does the word “toner” in korean looks like or how does the actual toner look like?

      If you meant the word, I’m afraid I wont be much of a help because I can’t read/write korean at all. I can only recognise letters and match letters to options. Translating using Google might not help much since there’re different ways of saying toner eg. Sulwhasoo’s Balancing Water = Toner

      What I suggest is that you go to Hera or Su:m37’s official websites in Korean and navigate around. Try to find the product you’re looking for and check out what is the korean name πŸ™‚

      Sometimes, if you try searching on Gmarket using the English name, you may get some listings that states both the korean name which may give you a clue πŸ™‚

      If you’re referring to the texture f the toners, I’ve only tried Sulwhasoo’s Balancing water, it’s abit thicker than the usual toner in western terms.

      Hope that helps!

  2. #3 by sarah on October 26, 2011 - 10:46

    Hello, there
    I like your haul from gmarket.
    May I please know total amount of only shipping cost?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • #4 by Raquel Rin on October 28, 2011 - 06:21

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

      The shipping cost for this haul is οΏ¦29,900.

      But do note that there’re several more items not stated in this post as they belonged to others πŸ™‚


  3. #5 by Thalia on January 28, 2012 - 00:24

    Hi i really like your reviews ❀ this is my first time ordering from Gmarket, so there's something that confuse me.. should we pay for taxes and everything? and they ship our stuffs directly to our house right? /:

    • #6 by Raquel Rin on January 28, 2012 - 01:35

      Hi Thalia,

      Thank you πŸ™‚

      Judging from your IP address, I suppose you’re from Singapore? If yes, I suppose you’re talking about the custom taxes? As long as the declared value is under SGD400, you’ll not be taxed. Gmarket usually undeclare the value and would only list the first 4 items from the list of items you purchase IF I didn’t remember wrongly.

      Yes, Gmarket will send your parcel (all items you’ve ordered are consolidated at the Gmarket korea warehouse) via EMS to Singapore and Singpost will be the one sending the parcel directly to your house. Please ensure someone is at home otherwise you’ll have to rearrange for another delivery.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚


  4. #7 by Pristine 여인 (@Kholic) on April 14, 2012 - 12:59

    Hi,I have some questions to ask.. if let’s say I order something like face mist/facial foam etc, is actually liquid.. is it allowed to ship in to Singapore? and I am going to order around SGD$300 + worth of items, will I be tax for the items?

    • #8 by Raquel Rin on August 24, 2013 - 22:20

      Hi Pristine, yes, you can order liquid skincare stuff like facial foam or toners etc. For facial mists, some sellers do not allow international shipping which I believe it’s due to the international shipping regulations. As long as international shipping is allowed, I believe they’re not issues with the customs.

      You will be taxed if they declare the price to be more than >SGD400. If I am not wrong, Gmarket usually only lists the first 4 items of your order so no problem if you do not order very expensive items πŸ™‚

      So far, no issues with tax for me despite ordering close to SGD300+ once πŸ™‚

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