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Thank you TheSampleStore & CLEAR for the sponsorship πŸ™‚


I’m sponsored with 2 ranges of CLEAR shampoos, namely for Women and for Man. Some information from The Sample Store:


Unilever launches a breakthrough technology in scalp care – Nutrium10.

One of the world’s largest networks of dermatologists, The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) has identified Nutrium10 as the scalp care technology that will lead the paradigm shift in scalp care management.

Unlike other anti-dandruff shampoos that are wash-away solutions, the new Clear with Nutrium 10 treats the root cause. It not only infuses the scalp with nutrients three layers deep # but also helps to rebalance cell proliferation processes to restore the scalp to its healthy condition.

The Women series and Men series contain Nutrium 10 and Pro Nutrium 10 which works by:

1. Nourishes 3 scalp layers deep
2. Targts dandruff, itch & dryness at source
3. Increase scalp’s natural resistance & strengthens hair from root to top

The Nutrium 10 contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients which aims to promote halthy nourished scalp and beautiful hair.

As for Pro Nutrium 10, it also contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients and aims to promote strong healthy scalp and gives lasting dandruff protection.

Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol

Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol

This gotta be my favourite out of the two CLEAR shampoos for women! πŸ™‚

With cooling menthol. For all scalp and hair types. Refreshes and revives scalp and hair with an invigorating burst of menthol freshness.

It lathers well (due to the SLS I guess) and while shampoo-ing, it gives a refreshing feeling on the scalp! Really nice πŸ™‚

It leaves my hair pretty smooth and the best part is, it leaves a lingering fragrance to your hair ^^ Whenever my sister uses it, I can smell her hair even though I’m one metre away O_O It’s that strong! And I can also smell the lingering fragrance in my hair when I used it too~ ^^

One disappointment is that it didn’t help with dandruff. My sister has a long history of dandruff and she finds that it didn’t help much with the dandruff 😦

The other gripe I have is that it contains SLS and silicone 😦

Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall

Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall

With Hair Lock Technology. For weakened scalp and hair. Strengthens from the root to tip and increases hair’s defense against hairfall* and breakage.

Just like the Clear Women Ice Cool Menthol, it lathers well and leaves hair pretty smooth after washing. However, during the past 5 days of usage, I didn’t notice any difference to the hairfall rate 😦 Perhaps, the results would be more obvious when used regularly in the long run.

It didn’t help much with dandruff problem and again, it contains SLS and silicone 😦

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol

With active menthol. For all scalp and hair types. Ultimate Anti-dandruff refreshment.

I had a hard time to convince my dad, who uses body wash as a multi-purpose wash i.e. to wash hair, face & body, to try the CLEAR shampoo for men series ^^”

But I’m happy to hear that my dad quite like this shampoo πŸ™‚ My Dad likes the refreshing menthol feeling and nice fragrance πŸ™‚

My Dad don’t have so much of a dandruff problem so he couldn’t comment much on that.

Clear Men Anti Hair-Fall

Clear Men Anti Hair-Fall

With Pro-strength Ginseng Technology. For weakened hair fiber. Strengthen your hair and defend against hair loss.

My Dad, like many men of his age, faces hair-fall problems 😦 Unfortunately, this shampoo did neither good nor harm to his hair. But he did commented that he feels that his hair is less oily.

Overall Verdict

If I had to choose, Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol gotta be my favourite πŸ™‚

CLEAR Shampoo Sample Redemption

If you’re looking for a refreshing shampoo that leaves you a long lasting fragrance to your hair, try the Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol over at The Sample Store http://www.thesamplestore.sg.

There’re other samples of other shampoos in the range as well πŸ™‚

1. Female Clear Smooth & Manageable
2. Female Clear Complete Soft Care 2in1
3. Female Clear Dry Scalp & Itch Control
4. Female Clear Anti-Hair fall
5. Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol
6. Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol
7. Male Clear Anti-Hair Fall

Where to buy & Price Information

The CLEAR shampoos are available at leading pharmacies and supermarkets

Clear Women Ice Cool Mentol: $9.40 for 350ml, $14.30 for 700ml
Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall: $9.40 for 350ml, $14.30 for 700ml
Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol: $10.30 for 350ml, $15.70 for 700ml
Clear Men Anti Hair-Fall: $10.30 for 350ml, $15.70 for 700ml


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