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Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

One of the top-selling products of INNISFREE


Check out my review to find out why is the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask selling like hot cakes in Korea!
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Muji Cleansing Oil (for sensitive skin)

Thorough makeup remover is really really important! I couldn’t emphasise this enough!

Removing makeup is important but you need to make sure it’s removed throughly!

I’ve been through a couple of makeup removers and so far, I’m loving this one the most!

The Muji Cleansing Oil (for sensitive skin) really removes face makeup thoroughly!

Muji Cleansing Oil
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Watsons Green Tea Toner 150ml

Just finish a bottle of this toner and I think it’s time to review it ^^

My first review of 2011!

Watsons Green Tea Toner 150ml

Watsons Green Tea Toner
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New Year Resolutions :)

Hello everyone 🙂

HAPPY 2011!

I know I’m kinda late since it’s already 11 days into 2011 already.. But better be late than never right? 😉

I really wish to thank everyone for reading and/0r commenting on my posts. I had never imagine myself blogging in the past and much less that people would read my boring blog! Hahaha

So in the new year, I’m about to make some 2011 Resolutions to remind myself to help this blog grow:
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