Sponsored Review: Viccal No 1.10 Serum & Hanamei Removal After-care Brightening Serum

This is a joint sponsorship from two brands, namely Viccal and Hanamei!

I was sponsored with two serums~ One for face and one for my underarms!!

Read on to find out more 🙂

1st Product Review: Viccal No 1.10 Serum – Nurture & Strengthen


Taken from their Facebook Page:

VICCAL is driven by a sense of purpose – that you can experience and achieve naturally healthy skin at any age. With no alcohol, artificial fragrances, colourants, fillers, preservatives or ingredients like plastics and silicones, our products combine only actives according to their natural benefits in concentrations that are most efficacious to balance, protect, heal or renew your skin.

Quote from their promotion materials sent to us by The Sample Store:

We won’t promise you intstant results.
We only create skincare solutions that work with your skin

Reading all the stuff about their serums containing natural actives without all the harmful ingredients commonly found in many commercial products made me really excited to try out their products. And lucky me was invited to participate in their blogging campaign!

The Serum: Viccal No 1.10 Serum – Nurture & Strengthen

I was presented with their Viccal No 1.10 Serum – Nurture & Strengthen.


This serum is from their Basic Collection which consists of two other serums. You can find out more about the serums at their official website: http://www.viccal.com.sg


Who is it for?


I was indeed facing some dryness in the face but not to the extend that my neck and chest area are dry..

Haha but my face definitely will be oily by mid-day..

Yonuger skin? I’m pretty old already! I’m in my mid-twenties T_T

Seems like they probably sent me the wrong serum =/

The Ingredients List


The ingredient lists really healthy! Even the synthetic ingredients like Butylene Glycol and Sodium PCA  (sodium salt of PyrrolidoneCarboxylic Acid) are all evaluated to be safe for use by the CIR Expert panel (source from here http://www.cosmeticsinfo.org)

How to Use


Well, 3 drops of serum is more than enough for the entire face 🙂 But since it’s so expensive, I really can’t bear to use too much! Sometimes, I only use 2 drops of serum.. kekeke

Physical Aspects of the Serum


The serum comes in a frosted glass bottle with a glass dropper. According to one of the comments on their facebook on 04 April at 14:44, the reason why glass is used in their packaging:

1. Glass is less likely than plastic to react with ingredients and the opacity serves to protect the contents from sunlight.

2. Glass is recyclable and VICCAL sends used bottles to a local recycling centre instead of simply throwing them into the trash for incineration, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Sounds good isn’t it ^^

It’s a light yellow transparent serum which feels pretty light and it is lightly scented…

It’s pretty watery as well. See how the serum slides off the back of my hand.


When you first apply the serum, you may feel a little wet and sticky.


After some time, usually less than 3/4 minutes later, your skin will absorb the serum. You’ll feel that your skin is supple and non-sticky.


The Review

Here’s my skincare regime before using the serum:

Morning: Cleanser (Lactayd) -> Sulwhasoo Balancing Water (Hydrating Toner)

Night: Muji Cleansing Oil (if I were makeup in the day) -> Cleanser (Eucerin/Baviphat SOS Cleansing Foam) -> Sulwhasoo Balancing Water (Hydrating Toner)

As you can see, my skincare regime didn’t include any serums and this serum came just in time!

The instructions said to use the serum before moisturizer. But I didn’t use any moisturiser as I find the Sulwhasoo Balancing Water pretty hydrating. So I just apply the serum after the toner.

Before using the serum, I was facing a drier skin (due to the usage of Lactayd) and at the same time, acne esp on my left cheek =/

After using the serum continously for more than a month now, I feel that my skin is less dry! Usually after using the Lactayd face wash in the morning, my skin will feel dry and tight. After applying the serum, it feels more comfortable. Nowadays, even if I were to wash with the Lactayd in the mornings, my skin doesn’t feel dry!

As for the acne problem, it’s still there but I guess I probably need the No 2.11 serum instead!

Here’s the before & after pictures!

No noticeable improvement in the acne problem but it didn’t aggravate the problem haha

I don’t really feel that it made any difference to the application of the makeup process. But I’m pretty happy that it made my skin calmer 🙂

Point of Sales

For more information and sales enquiry, please visit www.viccal.com.sg.

If you’re interested in trying out the serums, you can redeem your free sample at the same website too ^^

I’m so going to try the  No 2.11 Serum!

2nd Product Review: Hanamei Hair Removal After-care Brightening Serum


Taken from the marketing materials sent by The Sample Store:

For most hair removal procedures including waxing, plucking and shaving, the undesirable can often be removed but not its side effects. Bumps, ingrown hair, darkening of the skin, inflammation and soreness are just some of the more common problems that your skin can suffer from.

Hanamei® is created specifically to care for your most intimate area especially after any hair removal therapies. Besides providing instant relief after waxing, Hanamei® also help keep delicate skin supple, smooth and fair over time.

Rich in pure Japanese botanical extracts, the Hanamei® Intimate Beauty Treatment range is gentle yet effective for everyday use, even on other areas like the underarms, elbows and kneecaps where skin is often rough and darkened.

The Serum: Hanamei Hair Removal After-care Brightening Serum


Who is it for?

Use the Hanamei® Brightening Serum to:

• Maintain elasticity and resilience of skin

• Minimise ingrown hair

• Lighten the appearance of skin darkened by hair removal and micro-abrasion

The Hanamei® Brightening Serum can also be used on the underarms, elbows or kneecaps to lighten and smoothen out rough skin! Multipurpose serum!


Hanamei® is specially formulated with only natural Japanese plant ingredients. Each botanical extract is carefully chosen and blended together to care for your delicate skin. Free from alcohol, artificial preservatives and colourants, the Hanamei® Intimate Beauty Treatment range provides instant relief after any hair removal therapy and ensures that your skin stays healthy, smooth and fair naturally over time.


The key ingredients are:

Sakura Extract moisturises and prevents rough skin.
Amurense Bark is anti-bacterial and reduces the likelihood of follicle and pore infection.
Artichoke Extract reduces inflammation of skin and helps minimise itchiness.
Organic Rosewater gently calms the emotional and physiological aspects of skin.
Aloe Vera Extract has a wound-healing effect and soothes the skin.

How to use?


Physical Aspects of the Serum


The serum is a yellow liquid which feels quite thick. The dropper makes dispensing the correct amd ount a breeze! The serum takes a while to be fully absorbed…

My only complaint is that it STINKS! Even though it is said to be fragranced by organic rosewater, I didn’t detect the smell of rosewater at all and it really stinks =.=”

So I suggest use this serum only when you’re at home!

The Reivew

My underarms has always been facing problems with darkened skin and I’m really excited to try out the serum!

After using it continuously for 4 weeks on my underarms, I noticed that it really helped with whitening of my underams!!

This is something that I’ll consider repurchasing!

Point of Sales

If you’re interested in getting this serum, please visit www.hanamei.com or call 6343 0157 to find out how!


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