Sponsored Review: Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++ & Sunplay UV Body Mist SPF80 PA++

I needed a new sunblock because my previous sunblock is simply too oily and I suspect it gave me clogged pores.

So when The Sample Store invited me to try out two Sunplay products, I jumped at the chance!


Sunplay Super Block Sun Block Lotion SPF130 PA+++

The first product I tried was the Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++, which is the No. 1 selling suncreen in Watsons!



This sunblock has the highest SPF protection I ever seen! A whopping SPF130 with PA+++! So it gives a good protection against UVB (SPF130) and UVA (PA+++)!


Notice how the sunblock sinks into the creases of my hand? It really very very watery! And this makes the application of the sunblock really easy!




No indication of the percentage active. Since this sunblock contains zinc oxide, it is a physical sunblock.



How did it fare?

As I’ve mentioned before, the unique Japan “Watery Liquid” formulation makes the application a breeze especially when you’re rushing for time in the mornings πŸ™‚

However, despite the watery texture, while it feels light on my skin, the sunblock made my face look oilier and whiter (due to the white cast). Using the back of my hand, I applied a small amount of sunblock on one side. It’s pretty obvious that it leaves a sheen after application and a little white cast.


On most days, I use this sunscreen under my BB cream and thus, the white cast would not be that obvious. However, I do become oilier than days without the sunscreen. =/ For those who’re concerned with the oiliness and white cast, dusting a layer of loose powder over the sunscreen maybe a solution. πŸ™‚

I would usually remove my sunblock with cleansing oil. I was quite surprised that this sunblock can be removed with just my facial cleanser! I gave it a try and it definitely works!

This is the back of my hand (which had sunblock on) and no traces of the sunblock!


For this Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++, with the high SPF and PA and with the water resistant properties, it does sound perfect for those who engage in outdoor activities often! Even though it’s catered for the face, I supposed you can apply on your body as well =p

I will rephurchase this product as I feel that it’s better than my previous sunblock and it’s easier to apply πŸ™‚ Besides, it’s easier to bring around due to its handy packaging! It’s about the same size as my hand!


Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF80 PA++

The next product in the sponsorship is the No.1 Suncreen in Japan: Sunplay UV Body Mist SPF80 PA++. It comes in a spray can form.


Characteristics & Directions


Similar to the Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA++, it boasts the same few selling points : High UVA & UVB proctection, water resistant & long lasting!

On top all of that, it claims to have a cooling sensation upon application! This is really awesome for a day out in the hot sun! Whenever you apply, you get this cooling sensation!


Ingredients List


The list holds no clues to whether it’s a physical or chemical suncreen. But since it’s a SUNBLOCK, then it should be a physical suncreen.

How did it fare?

It does really give a cooling sensation! After you spray, the cooling sensation will linger for a while before disappearing.

The sunblock also gives a sheen after applying but not as much as the Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++. The sunblock also doesn’t leave a white cast.

PS. Pardon my hairy arm LOL


I’ve tried it on my face (spray onto my palms and apply on my face!!! don’t spray directly) and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy nor leave a white cast!

Removal is also easy as well! I simply remove the sunblock with my body wash!


As for the Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF80 PA++, I’m not too sure if it really works since the ingredients list doesn’t have any of the physical or chemical suncreen ingredients I know of. But since it’s a sunblock, it should contain either Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxice and it would give a white cast… Hmm..

Free Sample

After reading my review on the Sunplay Super Block Sun Block Lotion SPF130 PA+++, if you think it might just be the sunblock for you, try out the free sample today!

Like the Sunplay SG Facebook Page to redeem the free travel size of the Sunplay Super Block Sun Block Lotion SPF130 PA+++! The sample is Free of Charge and will be mailed to your home address! ❀

Go give it a try πŸ™‚

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