Watsons Green Tea Toner 150ml

Just finish a bottle of this toner and I think it’s time to review it ^^

My first review of 2011!

Watsons Green Tea Toner 150ml

Watsons Green Tea Toner


Watsons Green Tea Toner

I grabbed this toner while shopping for stuff at Watsons some time back. What’s attractive about this toner is GREEN TEA (ใŠ่Œถ~) How cool would it be to apply green tea on your face? Smells heavenly~ What’s more, it’s a good antioxidant ๐Ÿ™‚

At the same time, it promises oil control and minimise pores! Awesome! Just what I need for my oily skin!


Watsons Green Tea Toner

Nothing much to comment about the ingredients listing.. Hmm but looking at the ingredients listing, as compared to Guardian’s house brand toners, it’s has lots more chemicals added!


I quite like to scent of the green tea~ (ok maybe I’m biased). But it’s really light!

Oil control wise, it’s not fantastic but I did notice a slight reduction in oil production ๐Ÿ™‚

As many would know (I, for one, only knew last year), pore size is genetic and you can’t expect the toner to make your skin poreless! Thus, for the pore minimising properties, I would say it helped a little to minimise enlarged pores (due to lesser oil production).

However, I noticed that it stung my EYES sometimes when I apply the toner. It’s as if it contains loads of ALCOHOL as this effect is only observed when I applied alcohol loaded stuff. HMMM.

Frankly speaking, I’m a lazy person and would prefer to keep my skincare to a minimal nowadays. I only use the toner on days I’ve makeup on (so as to remove any last traces of makeup/dirt) and thus, this 150ml bottle took ages to complete ^^”

So retailing at $5/$6+ at Watsons, it’s pretty affordable if you are looking for something with some oil control ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m thinking ofย  trying other toners first from Guardian or ICM since I’ve been hearing good reviews about their toners. Any recommendations??

Note to self: Finish my Etude House Minisize U Powder Toner first before trying other toners!! ^^”””

PS. I realised if I were to post a review a week, by the end of this year, I would have posted 50 reviews (not 52 since I was late by 2 weeks!!) O_o



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