Baviphat Essence Mask for Trouble-Free Clear Skin

Baviphat Essence Mask Trouble-Free Clear Skin

Uh no, I’m not reviewing anything about FT Island

but Baviphat Essence Mask for Trouble-Free Clear Skin from Baviphat which is endorsed by FT Island πŸ™‚

I’ve been plagued with a TERRIBLE breakout recently due to the usage of the Biore Cleansing Oil. The first time I used it, I broke out terribly. Despite so, I decided to give it another chance but ended up with another breakout to deal with. T_T

So how have I been managing the breakout? I simplified my skincare routine to just the usual cleanser and follow by moisturizer (both from the Eucerin Dermopurifyer range) and my skin is improving a little everyday. I figured by reducing the number of products I put on my skin, my skin gets to breathe and slowly heal on it own.

Drinking SUFFICIENT water everyone is also very important in this healing process! Water will help to flush out toxins from the body and at the same time, help to skin maintain its elasticity. I’ve been diligently drinking lots of water everyday and it does really help!

Baviphat Essence Mask Trouble-Free Clear Skin

Well, I decided to use this opportunity to try out a few acne care products and one of it is the Baviphat Essence Mask for Trouble-Free Clear Skin (I hope I got the name right since they wasn’t any English translation on the pack itself) which are GWP from my Gmarket Hauls πŸ™‚

What is the mask for?

Click here if you wish to read the all the Korean words at the back of the pack ^^”

From the Gmarket Global product listing,

(Words in parentheses are my own interpretation of the translated content.)

Acne calm / sebum control / sensitive skin soothing and enhancing water aloe, rojeumariip (i think it means rosemary), kemomailkkot, Acanthopanax kkotdeung containing herbal extracts! Long been used to solve skin problems Rosemary, Linden, Chrysanlhemum (misspelled.. should be chrysanthemum) prolonged by low temperature extraction efficacy of the original Hub, as the effects salryeotgo containing various Phytochemical, minerals, vitamins and nutrients for healthy skin and bright and dark, tired skin makes. In addition, aloe extract, collagen, and high cliff by Nick Alou soothes the skin, seed and gives elasticity and moisture.

Sounds good doesn’t it? I really needed something to soothe my reddish,irritated skin!


From the Gmarket Global product listing,

(Words in parentheses are my own interpretation of the translated content.)

Purified water, glycerin, butilrengeulrayikol (butyleneglycol?), Rose late leaf extract, Acanthopanax, flower extracts, kemomail flower extract, aloe extract, kabomeo, triethanolamine, betaine, polysorbate 80, mechilparaben (methylparaben?), Hyde Rollei Brazed collagen, sodyumpissieyi , allantoin, disodyumyiditieyi (disodium something?), nattogeom, tocopheryl acetate, calcium Depot Get Updates glitch Series I, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu (sodium hyaluronate?), spices.

Other than methylparaben, the other ingredients look fine (though some ingredients are really weird.)

My thoughts

This mask sheet weighs 21g. When you take out the mask sheet, it doesn’t drip essence which I quite like! It’ll be a hassle to handle the dripping mask and more essence doesn’t mean your skin will be able to absorb everything!

The essence in the mask sheet is just nice. After applying it for 20mins, the mask still remains adequately moist and my skin feels supple and moist. It doesn’t take much effort to pat the remaining essence into my skin πŸ™‚

Though the mask leaves my skin feeling sticky, I’m fine with that sticky feeling. And before I head to bed (which will be hours later), I will wash my face with water so that get rids of the stickiness πŸ™‚

As for the effects, I love how it soothes my skin after use. After three days of continuous use (I only had 3 =/), I feel that it helps with reducing the size of my pimples a little ^^ and at the same time, my skin feels more “calm” ^^

Though the effects are not obvious, it least it helped a little and did not aggravate my condition like other masks (my skin can’t take too much essence otherwise I’ll breakout from it…)

Would I buy again? Yes! I plan to stock a few more in my next Gmarket haul ^^


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