A new shopping revolution in Singapore πŸ™‚

Wanna save on dining, fashion, beauty, IT and education?

Read on to find out how Koopon is going to bring you these great deals!



Designed to be an Interactive Retailer-Consumer interface to create excitement and sustained interest for users. Koopon! Users will always be able to enjoy the best values and discounts at Koopon! terminals. It’s a new shopping revolution!

– from http://www.koopon.asia

Koopon’s slogan is “Select Send Save”

Select: Choose your favourite coupon from the list of advertisers
Send: We send your choice to you via mobile no. or printed coupon
Save: You save more with the coupons that you obtained!

Eh, an interactive interface which sends/print discount coupons? Rather than spamming consumers with many many discount coupons which some of it may just be thrown away, printing the coupons that you want/sending the coupons to your mobile phone would be more environmentally friendly! No wonder Koopon’s Facebook says “Go Green with Koopon!”

The First Terminal at Jurong Point

Recently, when I was at Jurong Point shopping, I noticed this machine with a very familiar logo from far.

Upon walking closer, I realised it’s the first Koopon! Terminal in Singapore!

Located at JP2 Level 2, behind the JP2 Customer Service counter and in front of Bakerzin, you can’t miss out this machine with the bright orange logo! πŸ™‚ (Actually there’s another one at JP1 but I’m too lazy to walk over haha)

Like I previously quoted, it’s indeed an interactive machine that allows you to take a look at the promotions Koopon has to offer πŸ™‚


The square grids at the bottom half of the interactive screen shows the different vendors who’ve teamed up with Koopon to bring us, the consumers, great offers and discounts! And there are two buttons on the top left corner, the “Food & Beverage” and “Health & Beauty” categories. The top right & bottom right corners show the “Exit” and “Print” buttons.

I was navigating around and discovered some offers by Sasa:


I saw this 20% off for Dentiste Travel Set πŸ™‚ Just want I need cos I’ll be away for a short overseas trip early next year! πŸ™‚

(Do check out what other offers they have at their Official Website)

And so I clicked the coupon (as circled in the above picture) and clicked the “Print” button as mentioned before.

So how to enjoy the offers?

If you’ve already chosen your discount coupons like me, follow these 3 easy steps to register and print out your selected coupons! πŸ™‚


Step 1: Whip out your HP and SMS “koopon XXX” (replace XXX with any 3-digits of your choice). eg. koopon 101

Step 2: Wait for Koopon’s sms reply! It’s almost instantly!

Step 3: Read the sms! The sms will tell you your PERSONAL CODE! Use that code with your HP number when you wanna print out your coupons! (see the picture below)


Simple right? πŸ™‚ Even if you’ve forgotten your personal code, you can just repeat the 3 steps above to get a new code πŸ™‚

So here’s how the coupon would look like:


Don’t lose it and note the expiry date!

Frankly speaking, the interactive userface is pretty simple to use and navigate around ^^ And when the terminal printed out my coupon, it feels like a vending machine! A Coupon Vending Machine! How cute! (n_n)

How to find out more?

Do visit their official website/facebook to find out what other promotions/coupons Koopon is offering!

Official Website



Do join their facebook page to get frequent updates on promotions all over Singapore (not just promotions under Koopon) and the latest news!! πŸ™‚

Just on Thursday, they announced over their facebook that the terminal Tiong Bahru Plaza is launched! People who live in that area, do go check it out!

People living at other parts of Singapore, fret not! They’ll be lauching the Koopon! terminals at Hougang Mall, Heartland Mall, Liang Court, Tampines 1, Century Square and White Sands very soon!

So join their facebook to get updates πŸ™‚

Win an iPad!

Everyone loves contest right? Here’s your chance to win an iPad when you register with Koopon! using the 3 simple steps I’ve written about πŸ™‚


Remember I mentioned that Koopon will sms back with your personal code? The very same sms contains your lucky draw code as well πŸ™‚ When you fill in the information for the contest at http://www.koopon.asia/contest/ , use that code to fill in the “Lucky Draw Code” section πŸ™‚

Good Luck everyone ^^ and Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

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