G-Market Global Haul #5

A really really small g-market haul

And sadly, the item (yes, just one) is not mine T_T

G-Market Global Haul #5

How long the delivery took?

The delivery method is via DPD again and it took a long long 7 days =.=” Not too sure what’s with the close to 5-days delay over at the Korea airport.

What did I buy?

I purchased the Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD πŸ˜€ It’s actually my fren’s! Helped her to get it cos my 20% off PLUS coupon + 10% discount coupon for CDs/DVDs/Books were expiring anyway ^^


G-Market Global Haul #5

and this is the poster

G-Market Global Haul #5

Initially, I was still panicking if the poster would be crumpled since it’s only wrapped with some bubblewrap.

I would like to say that the poster came in a pretty good state given that most of times, these posters actually came crumpled. Though not in crisp condition, if you’re not too fussy, it’s still acceptable.

Luckily, my friend is mentally prepared and not too upset.. Kekeke

Overall Comment

G-Market Global is actually a GOOD place to shop for Kpop stuff! If you buy enough items, you can actually get your kpop CDs/DVDs/posters at a cheaper price as compared to blogshops.

Plus, G-Market actually gives out free CDs/DVDs/Books coupons every 2/3 weeks so you can make full use of these coupons for your purchase of the kpop merchandise. πŸ™‚ And at the same time, you can also shop for korean skincare/cosmetics stuff too! Kekeke

On top of the normal coupons, G-Market Global gave out PLUS coupons which are STACKABLE with other normal coupons as one of their recent promotions (which is over already =/)

I’ll probably give a better review of how the G-Market coupons work in another post when I’ve the time. Meanwhile, feel free to drop me comments if you’ve any queries πŸ˜€

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