G-Market Global Haul #2

My 2nd Haul from G-Market Global in June 😀

Look at how big the parcel is this time round 🙂 (the black marker serves as a guide)

G-Market Global Haul #2

If you have no idea what G-Market is about, please refer to this post.

How long did it take this time round?

I ordered on the 24 Jun 2010 and the parcel arrived on 28 Jun 2010 via DPD delivery. A total of 4 days!! AMAZINGGGGGGG~! 😀

I ordered from a total of 4 sellers, namely:

The Items & GWP

The delivery via DPD for this time round came in a box instead. 😀 I guess if the items from come in boxes, DPD will put them in a box.

GMarket Haul #2

First up, the white box contains my pair of red shoes (Gmarket link):

GMarket Haul #2

The “whites” of the red shoes and the shoeslaces turn out to be more yellow-ish than the picture and 245mm seems a lil too big for me. Otherwise, it’s a great pair of red shoes 😀

What’s in that blue box?

GMarket Haul #2

It contained 8 pieces of Baviphat masks (G-Market link)

GMarket Haul #2

It’s such a bigggg box for only 8 pieces of masks which is endorsed by the popular Korean band, FT-Island. I guess that made the shipping more expensive 😦

But the seller was really nice to give me extra 4 masks when I only order 4 😀 Thank you. 😀 Hehe.. The masks were meant for a friend and I decided to keep the extras for myself to try ^^

Remember the seller which cancelled my t-shirt order in my G-Market Haul #1 which caused me to waitttt a really long time? This time round I decided to give the seller another chance 😀

GMarket Haul #2

And it arrived promptly this time round ^^ But I clicked wrongly and ordered the wrong size (a size larger). I wanted to refund but it costs additional WON so I decided to keep it… Haix… But nonetheless, I guess the previous time they were facing some stocks problem not because I ordered only 1 cheap t-shirt. 🙂

So what were those in bubblewrap?

GMarket Haul #2

It’s my haul from Etude House! 😀

GMarket Haul #2

*Click the names if you want the seller’s link*
At the back, from left to right: Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack, Etude House Total Age Repair Sample Kit (GWP)
At the front, from left to right: Etude House Black Head Off Finger Tip Silicon, Etude House Hello Kitty Mini Hand Cream (in Walnut), Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam, Etude House TOP10 V-Line BB Cream and Aqua Cure Skin Care Kit (GWP).

It’s a really BIGG skincare & cosmetics haul for me XD Reviews will comes in soon for all except for the Hello Kitty Hand Cream which is meant for a friend 😀

The GWP (Gifts-With-Purchase) from Etude House:

GMarket Haul #2

So nice of them 😀


I must really say that all the sellers are so efficient. All items were delivered to the G-Market warehouse within two days and the DPD delivery was ultra fast too 😀 It’s really good to receive my items within such a short period of time 😀

So for this time round, it’s 9/10 for them 😀 with one mark off due to the unnecessary BIG box for only 8 pieces of masks.

Kudos to G-Market Global >V< (I’m addicted! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

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